Owner/ Founder  – Delilah Martinez

The first time I attended a painting class in Dallas, TX, I was hooked and knew this was an experience I wanted to keep sharing. The class brought me back to a familiar place from when I was younger. It reminded me how much I love to create and appreciate art.  It was at that time I decided to move back to Chicago in 2013 where I was born and raised to start VIP Paints.  I was really excited about creating an atmosphere of fun, intimate surroundings, music, to connect with the inner artist in you.

VIP Paints is located in Pilsen Community has been a wonderful experience, it has been extra special to me because my parents are originally from Pilsen.   The sense of community, knowing my neighbors and the owners of small businesses is what I love most about it!!!

I created  VIP Paints because I wanted to provide a place where people express themselves through art.  A memorable experience,  where you tap into your creative side.  I strongly believe it is important to give yourself an outlet  to be creative and get away from the outside world.

It has been an amazing journey, I’m grateful for all the support from family, friends and customers.  The talented instructors and staff have been a huge part of our success and growth and is what makes VIP Paints an extra special place to come too!!!